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Project Management Planning

05 July 2007

Project Management Planning

Tips and Hints:

If you are a Project Manager and you are at the project planning phase in your project, then you will be ready to create a detailed project plan. But where most project managers fall short is that they believe that the key to planning is in creating as detailed a project plan as possible. In fact, the project plan is only one of a number of plans that they should be creating.

Here is a quick summary of the types of plans that should be created by a project manager during the planning phase of a project:

  1. Project Plan: The most common type of plan created, it provides a complete work breakdown structure for the project. IT schedules the work to be completed to deliver the project successfully, from start to finish.
  2. Resource Plan: This plan itemizes all of the resources including materials, equipment, staff, contractors and suppliers.
  3. Financial Plan: By listing all of the expense items for the project and scheduling their consumption, it’s possible to gain a clear view of the progress of the project against budget, at any point.
  4. Communications Plan: This plan helps you to schedule a suite of communications activities for keeping project stakeholders informed o the progress of the project, at any point in time.
  5. Procurement Plan: If you use suppliers to deliver your project, then this plan will help you to determine which items need to be delivered by suppliers, when and how.

You need to complete all of these 5 plans, to successfully complete the project planning phase in the project life cycle.


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