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Project Management Training Case Studies

14 July 2007

Project Management Training

We know that a huge amount of time and effort is required to launch and deploy an effective PMO. With more than 30 critical PMO activities and literally hundreds of tasks, you really need to work as quickly as possible to ensure success. 

To help you to reduce the time spent to complete each activity and offer each service, MPOMTM includes a complete suite of PMO Case Studies supporting every step in the PMO Lifecycle. Each case study provides you with a fully worked our example of a particular activity (such as Creating the PMO charter). Case studies come from all industries and also from government and not-for-profit institutions. Read the case studies to gain a thorough understanding of how to apply MPOM to create a successful PMO efficiently.

What is a case study?

MPOM contains two types of case studies to illustrate results, and to illustrate processes.A results case study shows you the completed results, the deliverable, that is the output of a particular activity. The case study shows you how a PMO staff member applied a life cycle procedure, used a template, and delivered a result.Not all PMO activities are simple planning or analysis procedures that result in a written document, such as a plan or a report. A successful PMO also works with people and departments, resolving differences of opinion and gaining agreement on the solutions it offers the organization. To help with these situations, MPOM offers several process case studies. A process case study gives the process of how a PMO staff member communicated with others, analyzed a situation, and produced an effective solution. The process case study is followed by a results case study that shows the finished document that contains the deliverable work results. For example, the Adopt Methodology Process Case Study shows how the PMO staff in a particular company identified methodology requirements and evaluated existing methodologies. The Methodology Execution Plan Case Study shows the result: a complete methodology execution plan for that organization. Each case study begins with a profile of the project and the company undertaking it. The PMO staff member sets the scene by describing the job he needs to do for the PMO, the background, the job's key objectives, the required deliverables, and the particular PMO activity to be undertaken. Then, following the format of the MPOM Template for that activity, the case study works through that activity completely, illustrating how it was undertaken and showing the deliverable work results in the completed template. Note: Although these Case Studies are based on the experiences of real PMO staff members and PMO project manager, the projects, people, and organizations described are purely fictional.


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