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Project Management Course

17 July 2007

Project Management Course

By reading MPOM Case Studies, you will learn how other PMO managers and PMO staff have approached and completed all of the activities in the MPOM PMO Lifecycle. You will understand in more detail the activities and tasks required to plan and deliver PMO services successfully. MPOM case studies also:

  • Enhance your knowledge of the PMO Lifecycle
  • Provide you with useful examples of activities undertaken by PMO managers and staff
  • Help you generate ideas for completing each activity
  • Give you insight into the steps required to provide services
  • Save you time by showing you how to complete activities quickly and efficiently

How do I use case studies?

First, identify which PMO activity you are interested in from the table below, then select the corresponding Case Study and read it from start to finish. Next, if you like, you can compare the Case Study with the associated MPOM life cycle procedure and MPOM template for that activity. All Case Studies were completed following MPOM life cycle procedures and using MPOM Templates, so the structure of each Case Study and the corresponding template are virtually identical. Then, when you are ready to begin the actual activity for your project, you can follow the procedure in the life cycle and fill in the project management software templates as you have seen it done in the Case Study.

Which case studies are available?

MPOM provides a full suite of Case Studies to complement every activity in the Project Lifecycle:

Click on any of the above links to view the Case Study for a particular PMO activity or service. Note: Each Case Study is totally unique. While fictionalized to appease the lawyers, they are all based on the real-life experiences and typical issues of actual PMO managers and staff responsible for planning and implementing PMOs of different types across a wide range of industries. We hope you enjoy them!

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