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Project Management Tool

20 July 2007

Project Management Tool

MPOM's learning section provides you with all the information a PMO manager or staff member needs to initiation, plan, execute, and improve a PMO. The Learning section is divided into three subsections:

  • Key Concepts provide you with the core knowledge you need to establish a PMO. You will learn to develop standards that improve online project management capability and deploy best practices.
  • Advanced Topics provide you with the knowledge needed to take your PMO and the organization it serves to the next level of maturity. They provide in-depth knowledge on topics such as the latest knowledge base systems and audit methods.
  • The Glossary defines the terminology used for project, program, and portfolio management.

Key Concepts

MPOM's key concepts learning pages provide in-depth information on these topics critical to PMO success:


Planning and Assessment explains the methods of gap analysis and gap reconciliation. Any situation, issue, or problem can be defined through gap analysis and resolved through gap reconciliation. This includes both technical issues and also human factors, such as resistance to the changes brought about by the PMO's implementation of new standards. Understanding gap analysis and gap reconciliation will allow you to plan each aspect of a PMO effectively, and perform both initial and ongoing assessments of PMO performance and the organization's project management capability and maturity.


Standards for project management are discussed in depth, so you can decide which standards are most beneficial to your organization, which ones will be easiest to implement, and how standards can be adopted by the PMO and the organization it serves.


Capability to perform project management and deliver successful projects is discussed in depth. An organization's project management capability is a defined measure of its ability to deliver acceptable project results consistently on time and within budget.


Best Practices meet or exceed standards, and provide the highest level of capability to an organization. This section will teach you how to identify, deploy, and support project management best practices in the organization served by your PMO.


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