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Project Management Planning and Assessment
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Project Management Planning and Assessment

29 July 2007

Project Management Planning and Assessment

It is highly recommended that this page be read early in the PMO Planning Stage by the project manager and team all team members and also before reading the Perform Assessments page of the Controlling Services section of the Execution Phase of the MPOM Life Cycle and implementing a service to perform assessments.

This learning page is designed to help PMOs customize implementation of MPOM to the needs of specific organizations and specific PMOs. Customization means adapting the MPOM Life Cycle to a specific PMO and company. The MPOM Life Cycle lays out a linear series of steps for implementing a PMO: Initiation, Planning, Execution, and Improvement. In actual use, this life cycle must be adapted through specific planning. Performing assessments is critical to identify what customization is needed and to assure that the plans are appropriate to the organization. Read the seven topics listed in this diagram to understand how to use planning and assessment to customize MPOM:

  • Planning by Gap Analysis
  • Assessment of the Current Situation
  • Assessment to Define Benefits and Goals
  • Assessment to Determine Feasibility
  • Assessment to Determine Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Assessment as Feedback
  • Planning Improvements


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