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Project Training Assessments

04 August 2007

Project Training Assessments

Each assessment takes time and money. It is not necessary to perform an assessment for every plan. The following points will help determine if an assessment is worth the effort:

  • Is the problem or need clearly understood and agreed on? If so, there is little need for assessment.
  • Is everyone on the same page? If there is a history of misunderstandings or a source of different perceptions or language used to describe problems, goals and benefits, an assessment can be used to improve communications.
  • How big and complicated is the situation? A larger situation with more complex elements is more in need of assessment.
  • Is the PMO confident it is correct? There is one benefit of an assessment that is always present. A PMO may think that a problem is small, clearly defined, and well understood, but the PMO can't be sure it is right unless an assessment is performed.

These questions can be used to determine whether an assessment should be performed at all. They can also be used to determine how large the assessment should be, and what assessment tools will be used. Assessment tools are discussed on the Perform Assessments page of the Controlling Services section of the Execution Phase of the MPOM Life Cycle.


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