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07 August 2007

Project Tool - Continuous improvement using these steps

The following points are important in the application of this series of steps:


Planning and assessment can be implemented on large and small scales. For example, the seven steps above apply both to a whole PMO, and also to a single service. The Project Management Institute (PMI) refers to this as an element of progressive elaboration.

Planning and assessment are used both for initial planning, and also used later for evaluation and improvement. For example, an assessment can be used to define an initial service and set goals. A year later, an assessment can determine if those goals have been met and to suggest corrective actions or next steps.

The result of this approach is a PMO that is continuously optimized to maximize improvement to online project management throughout the organization. This is crucial for long-term success of the PMO. Many PMOs have failed by becoming victims of their initial success. Initial goals were set that radically improved the bottom line. But the PMO solved the biggest problems first. Later, when the PMO had only small problems to solve and small improvements to make, it was seen as not adding significant value. The error of judgment involved in that perception is the idea that, once a problem is gone, it's gone forever. Some companies scrapped the PMO and then found that all the old problems came back.

To avoid this, it is necessary to:


  • Solve the biggest problems first.
  • Solve the problems perceived by executives outside the PMO.
  • Integrate the PMO into corporate cultures and educate executives so that they understand that the PMO's core services remain crucial to maintain benefits that have been realized.
  • Remain a solution center and center of excellence for the improvement of project management, so that, even if future gains are smaller than initial gains, they are appreciated and the PMO is supported.

Following the seven steps of planning and assessment in this document, and applying them as needed, will achieve this result. Try these Project Management Templates.


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