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Project Management Consulting Assessments

13 August 2007

Project Management Assessments

The same approach can be used when assessing whether an organization needs, and is ready for, a particular service that the PMO might offer. For example, the PMO might assess training needs to determine how many people would benefit from attending each of these training classes:

  • A general training in the methodology, standards, and processes
  • Training in team management and communications soft skills
  • Issue-specific training such as vendor management or risk assessment

Service-specific assessments are, of course, smaller and less expensive than an assessment of the major online project management issues that drive the PMO Business Case. Even so, the assessment can be shaped by the same factors as those listed in the previous section. For instance, it would be sensible to use a small focus group to create a list of beneficial training classes, and then use a web survey to find out who would take each class.

Because service-specific assessments are smaller, it is easier to define issues to a measurable level. Establishing these initial measurements, called baseline measurements, is very valuable. If baseline measurements are taken, then it is possible to compare against them in the future to show benefit actually realized.

To determine what issues should  be evaluated in creating an assessment for any specific service, see the Service Features and Benefits on the page for that service in the Execution Phase of the MPOM™ Life Cycle.



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