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Benefits and Goals of Project Management Assessments

16 August 2007

Benefits and Goals of Project Management Assessments

In addition to defining the current situation, assessments can also be used to define benefits and goals by your project manager. Once appropriate stakeholders are selected, the assessment asks them questions that:

  • Define issues and problems
  • Prioritize issues and problems
  • Define and prioritize opportunities
  • Define and prioritize desired results or benefits
  • As with other assessments, the direction is first for definition, then prioritization, then measurement.

    One advantage of this type of assessment is that it builds commitment to the PMO in two ways:


    1. By soliciting statements about desired benefits, it includes stakeholders in the process of defining the PMO or the service. These stakeholders then feel ownership and commitment – if the PMO succeeds, they will get what they want.
    2. The PMO can elicit the language that stakeholders use. For example, any gap can be seen as a problem to be solved, an issue to be resolved, or an opportunity to be realized. During the assessment, the PMO can learn the language acceptable to the stakeholders. Then the PMO can include that language in meetings and planning documents, increasing effectiveness of communication, understanding, and stakeholder commitment.

    Assessment to define benefits and goals can be used in defining individual services, as well as in creating the PMO Business Case. Try these project management templates.

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