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Project Management - Determining Feasibility

19 August 2007

Project Management Software - Determining Feasibility

In some circumstances, there may be doubt as to the feasibility of a PMO or of a particular service. In that case, an assessment can be used to determine the feasibility of the item. This is called a feasibility study.

A feasibility study can look in two directions. The study can look outward for comparisons. For example, it might ask, have similar companies in this industry and region implemented PMOs successfully? Or the study can look inward, to define barriers and seek solutions. For example, if an organization has already had a failed attempt at a PMO, the assessment could ask:

Will the prior failure create resistance to a new effort to create a PMO?

If so, how might that resistance be overcome?

Who are the key players who would either support or resist the new effort to create a PMO?

Is there a way to turn the past failure into an advantage in promoting the new PMO?


A feasibility study for a single service can be more specific. Such a study might ask:

Can this service be launched for a cost of less than $50,000 per year, including salaries?

Can we create a secure, affordable project management knowledge base that carries data over a wireless network to cell phones and handheld devices?

A feasibility study is only appropriate if there is initial doubt about the feasibility of launching the PMO or the service.



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