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Effectiveness and Efficiency of Project Management Software

21 August 2007

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Project Management Software

The three assessments described above are used during planning, prior to the operation of the PMO and its services. In contrast, an assessment of effectiveness and efficiency is used after the PMO is offering services.

Usually, such an assessment should focus on one service at a time, or on a few key services. Attempting to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire PMO all at once would be unwieldy, cumbersome, and burdensome.

These assessments are smaller, easier to define, and less costly to perform. The definition of what should be assessed already exists. Specifically, the assessment asks:


Are the benefits defined in the Service Definition being realized?

What is the measurable benefit in increased revenue, cost savings, or reduced risk?

What are the benefits that can be described, but not measured precisely?


How much does the service cost?

How does this compare with expected costs?

Are there ways to reduce service costs?

Are there ways to reduce the time it takes to offer the service?

Are there ways to reduce the time it takes for the service to respond to requests or to complete work?


The assessment should be defined to answer useful business questions, and also shaped to either provide information that can be used to improve service, or to answer specific doubts or questions about the value of a service. For example, if there are doubts about the benefits of the Mentor Staff Service, a study might be done to show that specific advice from a mentor has been applied leading to measurable cost savings or the rescue of a project that otherwise would have failed, and to determine if the resulting savings exceed the cost of the mentoring program.

Some assessments of this type can be performed by reviewing data without using more costly interviews, focus groups, and surveys. If records about service activity have been kept, the records can be analyzed to perform the assessment. Try this Project Management Methodology.



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