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Project Management Training Feedback

24 August 2007

Project Management Software Training Feedback

Assessments used in planning set direction. Later assessments, such as those used to determine effectiveness and efficiency, have a different function. They provide feedback, that is, information for course correction. The results of such an assessment might be used as follows:

  • If benefits are not yet fully realized, or goals not yet fully met, then service operations can be re-defined to achieve goals.
  • If the assessment shows that costs can be reduced, cost reduction measures can be implemented.
  • If goals are being met and benefits realized, then new goals with greater benefits can be set.

There is one other significant issue related to assessment as feedback. To provide feedback, the Perform Assessments Service must assess the work of the PMO itself. This requires a degree of independence. The assessors must be able to report without bias on the performance of PMO Services, including on activities of the PMO Manager. If this independence is not maintained, then the quality of the assessments is likely to be lower, and the validity of the assessments is likely to be questioned. Ways of establishing this independence are found on the Perform Assessments page in the Controlling Services section of the Execution Phase of the MPOM Life Cycle.

Planning Improvements

Once a service is assessed, a small plan can be written to modify the service to achieve original or improved goals and benefits. In this planning process, it may be appropriate to use any of the assessment methods described on this page. Once the planning is complete, it is executed. If the changes are small, this improvement is executed as part of the routine improvement of the service. If major changes are needed to a service, or if services are being cancelled or added, then this can be part of a larger PMO Improvement effort.


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