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Standards and a Project Management Tool

27 August 2007

Standards and a Project Management Tools

Project management is an independent discipline with its own professional associations and standards. A PMO benefits by using existing project management standards for several reasons:

Using existing standards avoids spending time and effort re-inventing the wheel.

Standards are good, accepted practices and often best practices. Processes that follow standards are usually the least expensive way to solve common problems and succeed.

Training and certification in standards is available. By using standards, the PMO can acquire new expert staff who can quickly apply good methods in the company.

While project management standards are widely available, the structure and function of PMOs is much less standardized. There is a simple reason for this. Standards organizations are generally in the business of saying what works, and what works well, but not of telling an organization how to work. Since a PMO is a department, how that department should operate is generally seen as something for each company to decide for itself, rather than something that is provided by standards.

As a result, it is best for a PMO to apply online project management standards and be aware of standards and standards organizations in relation to the development of PMO standards. To learn more, read these sections:

  • The Project Management Institute (PMI) and its standards
  • The OCG standards, PRINCE2, and Centres of Excellence
  • MPOM and Global Standards


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