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The OCG Project Management Consulting Standards

03 September 2007

The OCG Project Management Consulting Standards

The British Office of Commerce and Government has released a project management standard, PRINCE2 (PRojects In Controlled Environments), and a series of documents that recommend methods for program management, portfolio management, and the operation of Centres of Excellence (COE). These methods are required for departments of the UK government, and are widely used throughout the UK and the European Union, and also elsewhere in the globe.

A PMO created using MPOM™ can use OCG methods, as MPOM is completely compliant with PRINCE2 and the other guidelines. The COE has three functional roles that correspond to these terms in MPOM™:

  • A Portfolio Management Office that oversees all projects and programs to make sure resources are used well.
  • A Controlling PMO that scrutinizes project work according to standards.
  • A Supportive PMO that informs and educates, helping the project manager and departments follow standards and deliver acceptable project results on time and within budget.

OCG also offers its Embedded Centres Of Excellence Programme, which corresponds to MPOM's PMO Improvement Phase.

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