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MPOM Project Management Software Global Standards

05 September 2007

MPOM Project Management Software Global Standards


MPOM is fully compliant with the PMI and OCG standards. As noted above, the PMI does not have a standard for PMOs. Rather, each company creates and defines its own PMO or PMOs as suited to the organization. And the PMO becomes a focal point for the development of capability in Online Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, and increasing organizational maturity in all of these areas.

OCG does offer a standard for PMO creation and improvement in its COE and Embedded COE tools. MPOM™ is complies with and exceeds these standard.

MPOM™ provides a simple set of Project Management Tools and services that are a basis for developing the full benefits of project, program, and portfolio management in any organization. MPOM™ and other Method123 products are fully compatible with PMI and PRINCE2 standards, and offer the quickest path to achieving the benefits of improved project, program, and portfolio management while complying with these standards.

Specifically, MPOM™:

  • Provides a plan for creating a PMO that can ensure that project management best practices and standards move throughout and organization.
  • Provides services such as the Update Plans Service and the Report Status Service that support vertical communication of project status up from the project level, through the program and portfolio levels, to the senior management level. OPM3 states that this is a crucial step in developing organizational project management maturity.
  • Includes assessment and improvement in the plan for each PMO Service, which is essential for the development of Organizational Project Management Maturity.
  • Includes an entire PMO Improvement Phase in the PMO Life Cycle designed to develop project management capability and maturity.

To learn more, read the next two learning sections, about Capabilities and Best Practices.


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