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Project Management Training Standards

09 September 2007

Project Management Training Standards


Defining and organizing all the capabilities necessary to succeed at a project would take years. In fact, it did take years, and it has already been done. When a company successfully implements one standard appropriately, it has mastered one capability. For example, if the PMBOK defines three different estimation tools, then, when the company selects one or more of these tools and implements it, and the estimates prove accurate, the company has shown itself capable of that one technique of estimation. When a company can do all the things needed to make a project work: Define, plan, estimate, execute, close, and so forth, it has all these capabilities, and has the capability of managing projects successfully.

The PMI has tackled the big picture of standards and capabilities in OPM3, the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model. This model attempts to define all the capabilities related to Online Project Management, Program Management, and Portfolio Management. It is the topic of the next section.


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