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Project Management Best Practices

18 September 2007

Project Management Best Practices


OPM3 defines a best practice as "an optimal way currently recognized by industry to achieve a stated goal or objective. For organizational project management, this includes the ability to deliver projects successfully, consistently, and predictably to implement organizational strategies."

To put it more simply, a best practice is a proven best way to do something or to solve some problem. Clearly, it benefits an organization to adopt best practices. But the ability to do so takes time to develop. As previously discussed, standardization must precede development of capability. And best practices are made up of capabilities. When an organization follows best practices in project management, projects succeed and meet strategic objectives, But, to develop best practices in project management, the organization must:

  • Implement a PMO to focus the effort to deploy and improve project management
  • Deploy project management according to standards, solving key problems as it does
  • Develop reliable, consistent project management capabilities within the PMO and throughout the organization
  • Develop the ability to define and measure project management success and capability using their Project Managment Software

With all of this in place, the organization can define a clear path to best practices, optimizing project management tools capability and maturity. To learn more, read the next Learning page, Best Practices.


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