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Project Management Improvements
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Project Management Improvements

07 October 2007

Project Management Process Improvements

How can one improve on the best? Through innovation. The PMO can foster innovation to improve Best Practices in two ways.

- Evaluation of new methods created by project teams in the course of their work

- Research and development


Project Manager work is always new, as each project is unique. As a result, project teams working in a Best Practices environment are always working to solve new problems and exceed themselves. The PMO should capture these results, appreciate and reward them, and make improvements to the methodology. The constant evaluation of new methods leads to continuous improvement of Best Practices.

At the same time, in the project review process, the PMO will occasionally find significant, repeating problems that have not yet been solved. The PMO can then decide that the benefits of improving the current Best Practice might exceed the costs of the effort. The PMO can then launch a research and development project to identify or create a Best Practice that is a better solution to the repeating problem.

Research begins with an investigation of the four sources of Best Practices. Has someone already solved this problem in a way that can be implemented by the PMO? If so, that is the least expensive solution. If not, then the PMO can assemble a team of experts to create a better way to solve this particular problem, a new Best Practice.



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