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Project Knowledge Management

11 November 2007

Project Knowledge Management

Knowledge management grew out of data management and information management. Data management developed in the 1970s and 1980s. Methods of organizing and searching data, most especially the relational database, were developed. They allowed for data to be organized and searched in new ways. In the 1990s, data management developed into information management. Information management included many new techniques. Three of the most important ones were:

Databases were linked to larger documents. Formatted documents and images were linked into databases.

Document management appeared. New methods of automating data flow, such as document management systems, came into use.

Data warehousing and data mining were developed. Methods of searching data across multiple databases and inside documents in different formats were developed.

Information management was an improvement over database management.

But, as e-commerce accelerated and large companies merged and grew longer, more was needed. Once these solutions were developed for very large-scale environments, they came down in cost. Now, knowledge bases and knowledge management systems may offer benefit that exceeds costs in the fields of portfolio, program, and project management methodologies even in medium-sized or smaller companies.

Knowledge management is the field that is developing solutions to these current issues. These solutions are explained in the next section, Knowledge Base vs. Database for Project Managers.


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