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Project Management Consulting

20 November 2007

Project Management Consulting

For Project Management Consulting, a project management knowledge base must be custom designed to meet the needs of the organization. Otherwise, cost will exceed value. Each component, and the overall architecture, must be designed to meet present and future business needs. Here are some of the issues that should be addressed in designing and developing a PMO knowledge base:

Data stored. How many years of project management history will be stored? Will paper documents be scanned?


Data structures. How will all data be held? Will it all be converted to a single database, or will the system search across multiple existing formats? How will documents be cataloged and abstracted? Will complete text search and graphics search be implemented?


Data capacity. How much data storage will be needed? What are the technical requirements that will support sufficient search, query, and data transmission speed?


Basic search. What will the basic organization and indexing of data be?


Advanced search. What advanced analysis and query tools will be implemented? What training will be needed to use them?


Search aids. What search aids will be implemented allowing people with little or no training to interact with the knowledge management system?


Inform management decisions. How will Online Project Management information be entered and kept up to date? What interfaces will organize project management information and status information for project managers and stakeholders?

Inform executive and stakeholder decisions. What dashboards and query systems will be implemented to keep executives and stakeholders informed? What information does each dashboard require? How will the query interfaces be designed?

Implementing a project management knowledge base is a major project and a major investment. Each feature should be evaluated to measure its benefits and each component assessed for costs. The process of designing the knowledge base is described in Adopt Knowledge Base.


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