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23 November 2007

Governance Project Management

Governance is an organization's intentional definition of accountability. Governance is a very effective online project management tool that has developed in the last few years. The benefits of governance became clear when strategic business experts evaluated why so many efforts at effective management and quality improvement were not working. Governance was the solution, and it has proven very effective indeed, when implemented properly and at the right time. The purpose of this learning section is to provide information on what proper governance is, and when it can be successfully implemented. Once this section is completed, turn to the Implement Governance page of the Life Cycle section of MPOM™ to put governance into place for project management.

To learn more about governance, read the five topics shown in this diagram:

1.      What is governance?

2.      Why implement governance?

3.      Governance for Project Management

4.      Governance and PMO Maturity

5.      Governance, PMO Types, and Organizational Structure


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