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Project Management Software Governance

29 November 2007

Project Management Software Governance 

In closing the definition of governance, it is useful to introduce these terms:

Government Project Management. An organization's intentional definition of accountability and responsibility by job role.

Governance Planning Committee. A committee established by executive order to create a governance plan. If the plan is for project management governance, then Governance Planning Committee will be housed within the PMO and led or overseen by the PMO Manager.

Governance Plan. A plan that defines accountability and responsibility for each element of the methodology, standards, and processes according to job title. In the context of MPOM™, this is assumed to be a project management governance plan.

Accountability. The responsibility for ensuring that proper procedures are followed and for the achievement of desired results at the executive management and upper management levels.

Responsibility. The requirement to assure that proper processes are followed, and, as much as possible, desired results are achieved at the middle and lower management and worker levels.

Control. A control, in auditing language, is a defined measure put in place with a procedure that can check if methodology, standards, and processes are being followed. For more information about this concept of audit control, see Reviews and Audits.

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