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Accountability in Project Management

05 December 2007

Accountability in Project Management

Governance in online project management is a tool that improves corporate performance well beyond project management. MPOM™ specifically focuses on applying governance to project management. What is the difference? Corporate governance defines accountability and responsibility for all corporate project management methodologies, standards, and processes. For example, a pharmaceutical company operating in the United States would, when implementing governance, define accountability for financial operations, for FDA compliance in drug trials and drug manufacture, for corporate security, and a host of other operational and regulatory areas. Governance for project management is considerably narrower. When a PMO implements governance, the focus is on the project management methodology, standards, and processes. It may grow to include some technical processes essential for project success, as well. For example, a construction firm may include safety compliance along with project management methodology when implementing PMO-based governance of building or highway construction.

If a PMO decides to implement governance, it should do so after its methodology, standards, and processes have receive general acceptance by management. The committee that plans project management governance should meet with the PMO Steering Committee to determine if any standards for technical specialties other than project management are worth including in the governance plan.

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