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11 December 2007

Project Manager Culture

Few companies promote a mature culture that welcomes accountability. Many companies have cultures that, intentionally or otherwise, allow avoidance of responsibility and blame to thrive. The first efforts to implement governance in such cultures are usually extremely costly and may become targets of attack. In these environments, a PMO should delay implementation of governance until the PMO's methodology, standards, and processes are so well accepted that governance is a natural next step.

On the other hand, if a company already has a culture of accountability, or already has general governance in place, then the PMO may be expected to include implementation of governance in its initial list of services, or to plan on implementation of governance once the methodology, standards, and processes are deployed and project management training is complete. In this case, the governance framework should be presented along with the methodology. The governance framework defines who will be accountable and responsible for implementing the methodology, complying with standards, and implementing processes correctly within the projects. Then there is a grace period while all of this material is learned. Initial reviews and audits inform the appropriate managers and personnel of non-compliance, but there is no consequence of non-compliance until governance is formally implemented.


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