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Success in Managing Projects

17 December 2007

Success in Managing Projects

The above example illustrates several techniques for the successful implementation of governance. Here is a list of some useful practices:

Ensure that governance is authorized from the highest levels.

Implement and provide training for methodology, standards, and processes before implementing governance.

Include as many people as possible in project management training in for methodology, standards, and processes, not just project managers.


Improve methodology, standards, and processes through feedback, and take other actions to ensure the project manager and workers own the methodology, standards, and processes before governance is implemented.


Implement the career path well in advance of the governance plan.


Announce the intent to implement governance well in advance.


Get feedback on the governance plan, and revise when useful suggestions are made.


In the governance plan, include recommendations for consequences of individual failures of accountability or responsibility.


Ensure that everyone in each job role understands what he is accountable or responsible for prior to enforcing governance.


Create a grace period in which reviews and audits operate by the governance plan and people are informed of gaps in their performance, but in which specific penalties or consequences are not yet applied.


After all of these steps have been taken, implement governance.


In implementing governance, ensure that employees understand that the Governance Plan is a corporate policy with HR consequences. HR can and should formally implement the plan and require employee sign-on.


Ensure that consequences, especially penalizing ones, are fair, and are appropriate to the circumstances. This can be done through having committees set consequences by consensus, and also by periodic review of consequences, comparing consequences given in different situations to one another.


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