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Performing Project Reviews and Audits

26 December 2007

Performing Project Reviews and Audits

This learning page is designed to clarify reviews and audits, explain the role of each, and clarify the differences between them. This is necessary for several reasons:

The  terms are used differently by different companies.

The project management profession uses the terms in one way, according to standards set in the PMBOK®, PRINCE2®, and other project management standards. But the audit profession uses the terms in a different way, defined by standards from the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) and other agencies that govern the audit profession.

MPOM® uses the terms review and audit in a practical way, and this document explains how the term is used here, and also how that relates to the formal definitions in standards from the online project management and auditing professions. This page also discusses the issue of independence in the review and audit function, which is a crucial factor underlying the difference in the standards.

Read this page before implementing controlling services. After completing this page, and understanding what reviews and audits are in the PMO context, then turn to the project management life cycle pages. The Perform Reviews page explains how reviews End-of-Phase Reviews and Post-Implementation Reviews (PIR) are performed. The Perform Audits page explains how audits are performed.


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