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Project Management Course Demonstrations

09 February 2008

Project Management Courses Demonstrations

As the PMO develops and demonstrates its influence, its influence grows, but it also changes. To maintain and increase influence over time, the PMO must avoid three pitfalls:

Becoming a victim of its own success. If the PMO is charged with certain problems, and helps the company solve those problems, the company will sometimes say, "We've solved the problems. We don't need a PMO any more."

Creating opponents through its success. Success brings recognition and power. If the PMO gets recognition and power, other divisions within the company may see the PMO as a competitive opponent, stealing glory from the work of others, and stealing resources from other divisions.

Failing to address its own weaknesses. If the PMO presents a positive picture of itself but is not seen as recognizing its limitations, then the organization will not bring it new problems. The unaddressed failures will mount up, and the Project Manager will become irrelevant because it is not hearing about, and cannot address, the most serious issues the company faces.



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