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Project Management Community Costs

08 March 2008

Onine Project Management Community Costs

Other costs of independence are higher. In these cases, the PMO must weigh the benefits of independence against the costs, and must also do its best to maximize independence while minimizing the cost of achieving it:

Obtaining expert resources. It can be difficult to obtain experts who are qualified to review and audit project work. These experts are typically certified not only in project management process, but in some audit-related capacity, such as ISO-9000 certification, CMMI certification, or certification as an internal auditor (CIA from the IIA). Such people demand high salaries, and the cost of obtaining and maintaining organizational certification is high, as well. Lastly, it can seem like a waste of resources to have such expertise, and then to have these individuals barred from managing projects because they need to maintain independence from management work. This last factor can be mitigated by having a pool of audit-qualified project managers who both manage projects and also audit projects that they do not manage.


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