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Requirements for Project Management Training

17 March 2008

Requirements for Project Management Training

When Independence is Required

Certain aspects of independence are required by the ethical standards and codes of conduct of the project management and auditing professions. For example, both professions require that conflicts of interest not be allowed, and that potential conflicts of interest be disclosed in advance of the beginning of work. So, for example, a certified project manager may not have a personal relationship with anyone on the project team or with a key stakeholder of the project, and an auditor cannot audit a project if he has a personal relationship with anyone on or in management oversight of the project. Similarly, an auditor or project manager must disclose other relationships that do not create a conflict of interest, but might appear to. For example, if an auditor serves on the Board of Directors of the same organization with a project manager who's project he is auditing, he must declare the relationship in advance. If everyone agrees there is no conflict of interest created by the dual relationship, then he can perform the audit.



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