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Project Management Tool and Governments

20 March 2008

Project Management Tools and Governments

Some aspects of independence may be required by law. For example, governments may regulate hiring practices in ways that require freedom from conflict of interest in hiring. Also, regulated industries and businesses receiving government funding must perform internal audits with a required amount of independence and be subject to even more independent external audits, and may be required to pay for them. Often, these stricter rules are a matter of public safety, as in the construction and transportation industry, and in the manufacture of cars, airplanes, and elevators. In some cases, the independence is not strictly required by law, but makes good business sense because it reduces legal liability, and is, therefore, common practice in the industry.

In such cases, the PMO should support compliance with professional standards, codes of ethics, laws, regulations, and practices that reduce liability for the company. This is part of the cost of doing business, and, if the PMO accepts that cost, it can then manage the cost, reducing it to the lowest level that provides the necessary independence.

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