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Project Management Consulting Purpose of the End-Of-Phase Review

16 April 2008

Project Management Consulting Purpose of the End-Of-Phase Review

Purpose of the End-of-Phase Review:-

The End-of-Phase Review closes one project phase and ensures proper work was done. It also ensures that the next phase is well-planned and likely to succeed, then formally launches the next phase. End-of-Phase Reviews are crucial to project success. Many studies over the last five decades show that incomplete work or errors in one phase, if carried forward to the next, are much more expensive to repair. Catching an error in an End-of-Phase Review prevents wasted effort and costly re-work in the next phase. The primary functions of the End-of-Phase Reviews are to:


Keep the project under control, so that it is delivering results on schedule and within budget

Reduce project manager risk by identifying key risks for the next phase and making sure that they are under management

Reducing scope errors and inappropriate effort and cost by improving project communications

Determine if there are reasons a project should be cancelled, and call for project cancellation if the project is not feasible.



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