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Project Management Software Steps to Success

25 April 2008

Project Management Software Steps to Success

These steps can help assure successful project management life cycle reviews:

1.         Have a process for project review defined in advance.

2.         Plan each review during the prior phase, well in advance of the beginning of the review. Determine who should participate in the review, and which documents or deliverables each reviewer should examine.

3.         Ensure that the team understands that the milestone that ends the phase and begins the reviews is this: All documents and deliverables ready for review, such that the team is confident that each item will pass review without need for significant changes. The review is not a time to catch up on unfinished or poor-quality work. The material delivered to the review should represent the team's best effort. If the documents and deliverables are not ready, extend the phase schedule and delay the review. The review is designed to catch things that the team could not know, not request the team to complete work that they already should have done.

4.         Schedule time in the review process for review of all documents and deliverables, opportunity for the team to make corrections, and final review and approval.


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