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Project Management Tool Auditing

28 May 2008

Online Project Management Tools Auditing

Exploration into unknown problems. Sometimes, there is no clear picture of why a project has run into trouble, or there are conflicting views, or there is evidence of dishonesty. In these cases, a more extensive and costly audit is called for. All the work performed in the current phase, or even all the project work to date, both processes and deliverables, should be examined. For example, suppose that a project has gone far over budget and is very delayed, and some of the work is being done in-house, while other work is being done by a consulting firm. Each group says the other is the source of the problem. An audit will have to examine all work done to date. The problem may have its cause in the Project Initiation Templates Phase, with vaguely defined scope. It may have been in the Planning Phase, with insufficient depth and validity of requirements definition. Or, it may be in the current Execution Phase, with a poorly planned test schedule. And the project can only be brought back on track if the actual causes of problems are found and solved.



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