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Project Management Control Reviews

05 June 2008

Project Management Control Reviews

Review of controls. Controls are specific tools that leave a record of work done that can be compared to the applicable methodology components, standards, and processes. For example, a completed checklist, dated and signed, indicates that the processes on the checklist were performed. If such documents do not exist, or were not filled out, then the audit is much more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The auditor will have to search other work records and interview staff to determine if work was performed in compliance with relevant methodology components, standards and processes. If governance is in place, each error can be traced according to accountability and responsibility by job role, as well.

The audit trail. To the extent that controls were in place, they leave an audit trail. An audit trail is a record of work done that the auditor can follow. That record reduces the cost of comparing work done to relevant methodology components, standards and processes. For example, if many checklists are in place, and one is missing, the auditor can quickly focus on the work that was missed.


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