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Project Management Software Governance

08 June 2008

Project Management Software Governance

These concepts define how an audit is performed. For the specific steps of the audit process, see the Perform Audits page in the Controlling section of the Execution Phase of the MPOM™ Life Cycle.

Governance and Controlled Self-Assessment

In organizations that have implemented project management software, there is an option that can reduce the cost and frequency of audits. It is called Controlled Self-Assessment. When governance is in place, each manager knows which methodology components, standards, and processes govern the work he is accountable for. In controlled self-assessment, managers are required to sign documents saying that they know and affirm that their work processes are under control. That is, management does more than provide an audit trail. Management commits to a statement that the audit trail is present and accurate, and that the work is in compliance with relevant methodology components, standards, and processes.




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