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Project Management Tool Self-Assessment

14 June 2008

Project Management Tools Self-Assessment

In civil and criminal liability, Controlled Self-Assessment is significant because particular individuals can be held accountable. Once an executive or manager has signed a certification that a process is under control, he can not deny knowledge of error or wrongdoing. Also, proving intent, which is very difficult, is no longer necessary. The executive or project manager is accountable for the process being out of control whether that happened through poor quality work, poor quality management, incompetence, or harmful intent.

When Controlled Self-Assessment is in place, the auditing function can oversee a great deal more work, ensuring compliance, with the same amount of resources. Much work is reviewed without a need for a full audit. And, when a full audit is necessary, it is much less expensive because the certified audit trail is in place and available for examination during the audit.


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