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Project Management Software Maturity

30 June 2008

Project Management Software Maturity


PMO Maturity

Maturity, as a concept, can be applied to both the PMO as a department, and also to project management as an organizational capability. On this page, maturity is defined and applied to the PMO as a department. The next learning page, PM Maturity, looks at the organization's capability at project management process from the perspective of maturity.

To understand how the concept of maturity applies to PMOs, read these six sections:

 1.         The Concept of Organizational Maturity

2.         Maturity Levels for PMOs

3.         The Basic Level

4.         The Standard Level

5.         The Advanced Level

6.         Improving Maturity Over Time

The Concept of Organizational Maturity

This section is divided into three sub-sections:

1.         Purpose and history

2.         Applying maturity to project management

3.         The five formal levels of maturity



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