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Project Management Training Purpose and History

03 July 2008

Online Project Management Training Purpose and History

Why apply the term "maturity" to a business department or function? From the executive perspective, it gives a very clear analogy. When making an HR decision, executives look for a mature person, and have confidence in a person seen as mature. A mature person is someone who can reliably do a particular job. He has the knowledge and skill. More importantly, he has reliability, honesty, and integrity. If he runs into problems, he won't run away or hide the problems, he will face them and communicate about them. He is very likely to get the job done.

When an organization wants to get a critical problem done, they would like to know the same thing about a project team: Can this team deliver? Is there any way to demonstrate in advance, with confidence, that a team, a program, or a department can deliver results reliably? The effort to answer this question led to the development of the ideas of organizational capability and maturity.


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