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Project Management Tool Maturity

06 July 2008

Project Management Tools Maturity

The question is easier to answer in a production environment than in a project environment. If a company has been reliably making mechanical parts for 100 years to meet customer requirements, then, odds are, they can make a new part for a new customer, too. Production companies that are mature can demonstrate that rather easily.

But the project environment, combined with rapidly changing technology and a more mobile work force, makes the question very hard to answer with respect to project teams. Suppose a consulting firm has succeeded on all five of its last projects. It seems like it would make sense to hire that firm. But if the firm is growing, they may assign a newly hired project manager to the project. And perhaps their past success was based on the skills of the original project manager. This would indicate that the original teams and project managers were mature and capable, but that the company, as a whole, is not. The company was unable to distinguish the reasons for success and assure future success with reasonable confidence. The ability to do that is the core of maturity.



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