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Project Management Tool Maturity Levels

27 July 2008

Online Project Management Tool Maturity Levels


Maturity Levels for PMOs

Developing maturity is a key part of PMO improvement. However, it is not the only issue, nor the most important. All of these strategic issues are essential to the development of a highly beneficial PMO:

Effectiveness in providing services that increase the frequency with which projects deliver acceptable results on time and within budget.

Efficiency of operation at low cost, and low overhead.

Alignment, which is the PMO's ability to support corporate strategy, seizing the most relevant opportunities and solving the most important problems first.

Fit, which is the PMO's being the right size and providing the right services for the organization.

Self-assessment, the ability of the PMO to see and leverage it's strengths while also seeing and working to resolve it's limitations or weaknesses.

Maturity, the degree to which the PMO develops reliable, consistent, improving capability.


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