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Project Management Course Maturity Benefit

30 July 2008

Project Management Courses Maturity Benefit

Increasing maturity is unquestionably of benefit to the organization. But it is not the only beneficial strategic direction. And an excessive focus on maturity, or an excessively rapid effort to mature, can be counter-productive. For example, if a PMO drives to become highly mature quickly, it may end up paying more attention to OPM3 than it pays to the PMO Steering Committee. If this goes on, the PMO will find itself cast aside as excellent, but irrelevant to the issues the company is facing. The PMO (Online Project Management) Improvement Phase of the PMO Life Cycle describes how to create effective improvement, including increasing maturity, that maximizes the PMO's benefit to the organization.

MPOM™ offers a simplified maturity model for the PMO itself. Instead of having five levels, the MPOM model is simpler, with only three levels: Basic, Standard, and Advanced. These align with the CMMI and OPM3 levels as follows:



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