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Project Management Consulting Levels of PMO operation

03 August 2008

Project Management Consulting Levels of PMO operation

MPOM's simpler system of three levels works as follows:

Basic. As soon as a PMO is launched, the organization is moving from an initial state with no particular standardization to an effort to standardize and manage project management. A PMO doing this work is starting with the organization at its current level. The PMO is, itself, well-managed and operating by specific standards. It is helping the whole organization do the same.

Standard. At this point, the whole organization has accepted the methodology, standards, and processes the PMO has to offer. But some parts of the organization are doing better than others. The PMO seeks to continue to standardize the management of all projects. The PMO also becomes the standard of excellent project management within the organization.

Advanced. Once the organization has committed to following the PMO's lead, the PMO can provide more control, making project management more predictable. After that, it can encourage continuous improvement, so the whole organization is optimizing project management using Online Project Management. If an organization reaches this level, the PMO will probably research OPM3, and can choose a growth path from the Controlling level to the Continuously Improving level that is feasible and appropriate to the organization.



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