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06 August 2008

Project Management MPOM's

Note that the three levels – Basic, Standard, and Advanced – refer to the levels at which the PMO operates, not the levels at which project management, as a whole operates throughout the organization. For the rest of this page, the focus will be on the PMO itself. The next Learning Page, Project Management Maturity, focuses on the maturity levels of project management throughout the organization.

The next three sections of this page define the three levels of PMO Maturity: Basic, Standard, and Advanced.

The Basic Level.

Almost all PMOs will launch at the basic level, and remain there for at least a year or two. At this level, the PMO will seek to define project management methodologies, standards, processes, and tools. It may provide some training. But it will not yet have enough resources or influence to bring that training to every project manager and improve the organization's consistent project management capability. A PMO at the Basic Level will usually be a General PMO. It may offer some supportive and/or controlling services.

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