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09 August 2008

Online Project Management Standard Level

The only time a PMO can launch directly to the standard level would be in a small, cohesive organization that recognizes the value of project management and wants to develop its capability quickly. For example, a new startup venture that understands the benefits of project management and maturity, perhaps that is in an industry which values OPM3 or CMMI certification, might jump straight to a PMO at the Standard Level. Otherwise, basic is where a PMO begins.

In developing and deploying project management methodologies with standards, processes, and tools, the PMO is doing the essential work of the Basic Level. If it can also grow into a Supportive role, offering training, project support, and other services that improve the whole organization's capability to perform projects successfully, then it will move to the standard level more quickly.

Sometimes, a PMO can get stuck at the basic level. Here are two examples: A small city has many projects, most of the building construction or maintenance, some in improvement of parks, and a few in Information Technology. A PMO is implemented simply to update project plans and provide the City Council with accurate budget information. The Facilities and Maintenance Division, which runs most of the projects, has been running construction projects for decades and sees no reason to actually implement project management. The City Council decides not to press the information, as long as it has project reporting in place.



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