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Project Management Software Implementation

12 August 2008

Project Management Software Implementation

A company or agency has heard that it should implement better project management methodologies. One manager has been pressing this point for years. He is told: "Okay, you're the PMO." He has to build a methodology, standards, and processes all by himself, and sell it to others.

In each of these cases, the PMO may grow beyond the basic level. For example, when the City Council sees how money is being spent and projects are not being delivered, it may call for project management training for construction managers, and launch a PMO. Or the company may note, after a year or two, that the methodology really does solve some of the basic problems with projects, and decide to provide the PMO with more support.

But that also may not happen. The PMO may remain stuck at the Basic Level. There are several reasons this can happen, and the PMO should assess which of these reasons is the primary barrier to the PMO's growth:

The organization does not understand the value of project management.

The organization will not commit to project management, or to the PMO.

The organization has other priorities.

The organization is under-staffed, overwhelmed, or poorly managed, and can't get out of crisis mode.

The PMO has not developed sufficient influence to be an agent for improvement.

The PMO's approach is not suited to the organization's culture.



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