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Project Management Training Steering Committee

15 August 2008

Project Management Training Steering Committee

Once the cause has been found, the Project Manager and PMO Steering Committee must make a decision. Should the PMO remain as it is, or seek to improve. In general, the PMO should seek to improve if these three conditions are true:

Change is possible within the organization. Specifically:

The organization is open to influence.

There are enough resources available

A solid case can be made that a better PMO is a key benefit to the organization.

The benefits of growing the PMO are worth the costs.

The risks are not too high. Specifically:

The PMO's effort to become more influential is not too likely to create an unmanageable power struggle.

The PMO's effort to change the culture will meet so much resistance that the PMO is rejected altogether.

If these conditions are met, then the PMO should prepare a growth plan to move to the standard level by overcoming the barrier or barriers it has found. When it succeeds, the value of the PMO to the organization will be much more substantial, because reliable project management leads to reliable, successful implementation of corporate strategy and achievement of corporate goals.


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