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Project Management Tool Standard Level

18 August 2008

Project Management Tools Standard Level

A PMO at the Standard Level is capable of bringing most, if not all, of an organizations project managers up to the standard that the PMO offers. There are three ways of doing this, corresponding to the three types of PMOs that have enough influence to standardize project management across an organization. These types are fully discussed on the PMO Types Learning page, and the way that they help an organization standardize is discussed on the PMO Influence Learning page. Here are the three types, with two examples of each.

The Supportive PMO raises the level of online project management standardization through supporting project managers and projects.

A PMO that started at the Basic level introduced a simple methodology with easy-to-use processes and tools. It chose a methodology that focused on key causes of project failure first. Over two years, several projects succeeded, and the PMO proved the value of its methodology and won adherents. Now, the PMO is asked to help all projects do as well as these projects have done. The managers who know the methodology join the PMO, providing training, mentoring, and support to other projects.



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