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Project Management Course General PMO

21 August 2008

Project Management Courses General PMO

The growth of the PMO from the Basic Level to the Standard Level comes with its transition from a General PMO to a Supportive PMO. As a General PMO, it focused on these services: Implement Methodology, Promote Standards, Improve Processes, and Standardize Tools. Its methodology, processes, standards, and tools were accepted, so these services continue. The growth comes as the methodology becomes a widely accepted standard, supported by the Train Staff, Mentor Staff, and Support Projects Services.

A group of innovative lawyers form a new company, and realize that each legal case is a project. They want to work very independently, and each lawyer has his or her own team. They create a Supportive PMO when they open the company, and give it the task of training each legal team to apply online project management to every case.



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