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Project Management Consulting Controlling PMO

24 August 2008

Project Management Consulting Controlling PMO

The Controlling PMO raises the level of project management through evaluation and feedback.

The PMO began as a General PMO focused on providing executives with information about projects. Executives quickly learned that some divisions managed projects well most of the time, and others barely managed them at all. The organization has very independent divisions – perhaps across different geographical regions – but a strong sense of accountability. The PMO is asked to define a methodology drawn from the departments that consistently succeed in delivering project results. It creates this methodology, with standards, processes, and tools. The CEO directs that this methodology will now be applied to all projects, and that the heads of each division are accountable for making sure that the methodology is followed and that projects succeed. The PMO is tasked with providing the division heads with reviews of every project phase, plus audits as needed, to ensure that the department has feedback to head it in the right direction. The CEO heads the PMO Steering Committee, and each division head is on the committee. The PMO has become a Controlling PMO, focusing on reviews, audits, and feedback that allows the executive level to direct improvement of online project management within each division.



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