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Project Management Directive PMO

30 August 2008

Project Management Process Directive PMO

The Directive PMO standardizes project management software by performing all projects in a standard way:

A company with very independent divisions already has capable project management within each division. However, every time a project serves two divisions or seeks to integrate business functions across multiple divisions, the differences and competitiveness among the divisions leads to project failure. The CEO establishes the creation of a Directive PMO that will perform all projects that involve more than one division. The PMO develops a methodology that addresses the differences among divisions and the poor communications, and performs all cross-divisional projects according to this methodology. As a result, the PMO operates on one standard methodology and creates a track record of success on cross-divisional projects.

A new Chief Information Officer (CIO) discovers that every department is doing its own IT development, leading to problems with network reliability and security, and also to redundant work and excessive cost. He launches a PMO within his department to run all IT projects that work on the corporate network. The PMO works with each department to plan its IT needs a year or more in advance and to schedule IT projects. All projects are run by the PMO within the IT department. The PMO also runs projects that make the network secure and reliable, and sets standards that ensure that new development work on the corporate network without compromising security or reducing reliability. As a result, the IT Directive PMO manages all projects according to a standard methodology and creates a reliable approach to delivering project success to IT projects within the organization.



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